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Next Generation Car Buyer Study

A new study from® reveals that when it comes to cars, Millennials are highly aspirational and image-conscious, are more open to import brands and actually do have an interest in vehicles and driving.  These insights and much more are discussed in “The Next Generation Car Buyer” study: a deep look at the attitudes and behaviors of Millennials when it comes to cars and car shopping.

Download the Millenial Results Collateral Executive Summary

White Paper: The CRM Paradox

Customer relationship management (CRM) automotive system data often depicts a contrary account of car-buying behavior than behavioral research shows. In an attempt to better understand this disparity, an independent market research firm compared proprietary CRM data from select partner companies with post-purchase survey research of 4,700 car buyers.

Download the CRM Paradox White Paper

White Paper: Digital Audience Analysis

The digital audience analysis looks at the online behavior of more than 3 million car shoppers across 1,300 dealers and reveals key insights about the role and influence of third-party sites and search engines during the car shopping process.

Download the Digital Audience Analysis White Paper

White Paper: Have Internet, Will Travel

68% more car buyers travel 30+ miles when third-party sites were used versus car buyers that didn't use the Internet at all. This white paper reveals how these numbers were derived and their implications for dealers in understanding that Internet-savvy car buyers are willing to travel for their next car.

Download the Geo Distance White Paper

Trend Engine: Shopper Insights September 2012

The sight of someone driving while texting can be pretty terrifying when you're the likely victim of their distraction. But while the majority of drivers believe there should be a ban on texting while driving, a surprising number of us don't practice what we preach.

Download the Trend Engine Report

Trend Engine: Shopper Insights August 2012

Who bought your first car? You or your parents? Over 40% of parents report that they purchased their child's first car, up from 14%. Is it more helicopter parenting or because cars are simply unaffordable? Find the answer in our latest Trend Engine report as well as 10 cars that offer parents great value and peace of mind.

Download the Trend Engine Report

Trend Engine: Shopper Insights July 2012

Does "Made in America" mean buy an American car or buy an American-made car? Find the answer in our latest Trend Engine report, along with what the Top 10 cars built by U.S. workers are, plus more.

Download the Trend Engine Report

Trend Engine: Shopper Insights June 2012

Find out how shoppers currently feel about the economy, what their preferred mode of transportation is for summer travelers in 2012, what vehicle features are most important, and eight great summer vacation vehicles.

Download the Trend Engine Report

Used Car Dealer Sourcing Studies Report

According to a study commissioned by of how used car buyers first contact the dealer, nearly two-thirds do so by simply walking into the dealership with no prior contact. Learn more, and find out what influences shoppers to choose specific dealerships.

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Trend Engine: Shopper Insights April 2012

Economic factors are driving strong interest in CPO vehicles, and CPO Sales are reaching new heights. Get the research behind it, and find out the Top 10 Most-Viewed CPO Vehicles on in March 2012.

Download the Trend Engine Report

New Car Dealer Sourcing Studies Report

The Dealer Sourcing Studies reveal how New Car Buyers make first contact with the dealership and what influences them to choose specific dealerships. commissioned KS&R, an independent market research firm based in Syracuse, New York, to conduct the studies among New Car Buyers of dealer customers. 72,617 New Car Buyers who purchased between March 2010 and March 2012 were surveyed.

Download the PDF Report

2012 New Luxury Vehicle Loyalty Study: Who Stays, Who Goes, And Why?

This research study, conducted by Polk on behalf of, examines what motivates high customer loyalty among luxury brands and the reasons luxury buyers defect to other luxury brands.

Download the PDF Report

Dealer Walk-In Study Results

Northwood University and examine how walk-in customers establish first contact with dealers.

Download the Dealer Walk-In Study Results

Polk View: The Role of the Internet in the New and Used Vehicle Purchase Process

This special report from R.L. Polk & Co. examines how the Internet influences the purchase decisions of New and Used car buyers.

Download the 2011 Polk View

2011 Automotive Buyer Influence Study: Sources that Influence Purchase

Learn what sources influence car buyers to visit dealerships, how and where they are spending time during the shopping process, and more.

Donwload the 2011 Automotive Buyer Influence Study

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