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Get Road-Trip Ready for Spring Break and Beyond with Tips, Recommendations from Autotrader
Travel by Car Still Preferred by Many Amidst Pandemic, Expert Tips Help Road-Trippers Prepare

ATLANTA, March 31, 2021 – Spring has sprung across the United States, and many Americans have upcoming spring break drives or future summer vacation road trips on their minds. Traveling by car remains the preferred method for many people who are still wary of flying in the current climate. To help road-trippers prepare for their upcoming travels, the experts at Autotrader offer tips and recommendations to make their drives safe and enjoyable.

“With many people ready for a change of scenery and starting to feel more comfortable traveling in 2021, we anticipate an uptick in road trips this spring and summer,” said Brian Moody, executive editor for Autotrader. “Taking some simple steps to ensure your car is well-prepped for spring travel can mean increased safety, comfort and peace of mind. We also wanted to spotlight some vehicle tech features to make road trips more enjoyable for drivers and passengers alike.”

Six Simple Spring Car Care Tips from Autotrader

Thoroughly Clean Car, Inside and Out – A good exterior deep cleaning, including the engine bay and underneath the car, will get rid of accumulated wintertime dirt and debris, and a comprehensive interior clean-out and disinfecting effort will make the cabin more enjoyable for all.

Check Your Tire Pressure – As air temperatures warm in the spring, tire pressure can rise, potentially causing overinflation, which can lead to premature tire wear. Also be sure to examine tire tread depth by inserting a Lincoln penny headfirst into the tread; if you see any part of the top of his head, it’s time to replace your tires.

Inspect Your Wiper Blades – In preparation for those inevitable spring showers, check wipers for any signs of cracking or wear. Experts recommend changing wiper blades every six months to a year, depending on use and weather.

Check Under the Hood – Conduct a thorough check under the hood to ensure the car’s engine made it through winter without problems. Specifically, be sure to check belts and hoses, along with levels of coolants and fluids – and if you’re not comfortable performing these checks on your own, it’s worth paying an hour of labor to your local mechanic.

Check Alignment and Suspension – Winter is known for being harsh on roads and subsequently harsh on your vehicle, and potholes notoriously can cause alignment issues. A sure sign to check your alignment is if your steering wheel isn’t centered or the car doesn’t track straight.

Check the Filters – With spring comes pollen and allergies in many parts of the country, so be sure to replace the filter in your climate control system – and don’t forget to check the air filter for the engine, too. Most manufacturers recommend changing the cabin air filter every 30,000 miles.

Autotrader Recommends Five Car Tech Features You’ll Want on Your Next Road Trip

Apple CarPlay – This game-changing feature allows you to use many of your iPhone apps through your car’s infotainment screen. For example, you can enjoy streaming your favorite Spotify playlist while keeping close tabs on your road-trip route using Waze, all through the same screen.

Wireless Charging/Smart Charging Ports – A road trip these days usually means lots of devices all in one vehicle that likely require some juicing along the way. Wireless charging pads eliminate the need for a specific cable, and backseat charging ports will keep your riders in good shape throughout the journey (bonus if it’s a “smart charging port,” which knows to turn off when the device reaches maximum charge).

Modern Rear-Seat Entertainment System – Even amidst iPhones, iPads and Kindles galore, modern dual-headrest entertainment systems still have much to offer. They feature crystal-clear screens with streaming and live TV capabilities, plus engaging, educational games to keep your passengers (i.e. restless kids) occupied for hours.

The 360-Degree Camera – A 360-degree camera offers an added level of safety with a different viewpoint, allowing you to see a top-down view around the car. This can be particularly helpful in tricky parking or vehicle merging situations.

Lane-Keeping Assist/Adaptive Cruise Control – Vehicles outfitted with lane-keeping assist will actively keep you in the center of your lane to help prevent a collision. Adaptive cruise control with stop/start ability will slow your car as the cars ahead begin to slow, even bringing it to a full stop without driver intervention. The peace of mind you’ll get from taking a road trip in a vehicle with these safety features is well worth any premium you may pay to get them.

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